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There is no cricket practice tonight 29th April due to the weather.

Prior to the formation of the present club in 1870, no fewer than three cricket clubs played in Compstall.


They were Royal George, Compstall Improvement and Compstall United. Where the latter two played remains a mystery but the Royal George played it’s matches on the land behind the present George Hotel, before reforming as Compstall Cricket Club and moving to the present ground on Ernocroft Road.

Many of these early matches were apparently accompanied by the sounds of the Compstall Band and as many as 150 would take tea to meet and listen to the band and watch the cricket. In the latter years of the 1800’s, Compstall played in the North Derbyshire and Stockport District League. Then we played in the Glossop and District League against fellow members such as Hadfield, Hazel Grove, Hayfield, New Mills, Chapel, Bredbury and Romiley.